Sammy Hagar Rips Eddie Van Halen Death Bed Lie


Sammy Hagar has responded to Eddie Van Halen death bed claims from angry fans, as last week he promoted his Catalina Island birthday concert PPV shortly after Van Halen died in a hospital bed in the Los Angeles area. Alternative Nation has learned that Hagar explained to fans that promoting the show was already planned, and he meant no disrespect to his late friend and bandmate.

Hagar said, “Say and think what you will my fellow rockers. This thing has been in the works for three months or more, there was a stage built in the last week. The amount of moving parts you can’t imagine. Teams of people from from all over the country have been working on Catalina to pull this off.

Eddie’s untimely death was devastating, absolutely. That my friends wasn’t planned. Sincerely love you all. This is been a tough one, Sammy.”

The Red Rocker performed live a couple of days ago for hundreds of fans as he mourned Eddie’s death. Hagar and Van Halen were able to reconcile earlier this year, exchanging a ‘love fest’ of text messages. Hagar and Van Halen first had a fall out in 1996, leading to Hagar’s exit from the band.

Van Halen and Hagar reconciled in 2003, leading to a 2004 reunion tour that ended in another fall out after Hagar called out Eddie’s alcoholism. For years the two were estranged, with Hagar being frustrated at Eddie Van Halen disrespecting Michael Anthony, though he also pushed for a reconciliation.