Taylor Momsen ‘Bends Over’ In Surprising Date Photo


The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen recently uploaded a new photo via Instagram showing that she is in the Valentine’s Day spirit in this inspired outfit and accessorized with lovely heart sunglasses. You can view the photo below. Taylor Momsen tight ‘night gown’ photo leaks.

In other news revolving Taylor Momsen, fans recently took to the Gossip Girl Reddit to discuss Momsen’s character of Jenny Humphrey. One user in particular xxsecrets8916 had an interesting grievance. The user wrote: ” I’m rewatching the series, and I can’t understand why Jenny turned out the way she did. At this point she’s sneaking around with Asher, pretending to be his beard. She’s a young bitchy little thing, who only cares about trying to fit in. I totally understand wanting to be like all these upper east side privileged snobs… but the way she treats Dan, and especially Rufus, is cringeworthy. It makes me nostalgic for the young sweet girl we met in season one.”

Taylor Momsen ‘tiny’ shorts photo with abs leaks. Whereas lornjpg put in response: “I think we’re supposed to hate Jenny. The point of her character is to show us what the upper east side culture can do to a person who is young, impressionable, insecure and desperate enough. She always had the potential to be someone better, she just constantly chooses not to do it because she’s obsessed with tearing other people down in order to climb to the top, which is the only way she was ever able to become Queen. Not by her own admirable attributes- but just by throwing other people under the bus.”

Taylor Momsen tight red leather outfit photo recently leaked. The user continued: “No surprise she was never able to hold the position for very long.. she didn’t hold any genuine confidence in herself. I was not sad to see her leave the show and I was happy that they let her character leave and reach her potential to be a great designer and a better, happier person, even if it was off-screen. She was never meant to be a part of Manhattan’s elite.”