Silverchair Reveal If They Like Red Hot Chili Peppers


Daniel Johns, the former frontman, guitarist, and main songwriter of the rock band Silverchair recently took to his Instagram account and reminisced about the band’s Saturday Night Live performance – as a vintage showing of the episode was being shown on NBC. The band performed on the show back on December 9th 1995.

In the caption he addressed Red Hot Chili Peppers member Chad Smith as his friend which indicates that they have a great relationship. For non-American fans, he went on to share a short video clip of the performance. Daniel Johns also dropped Silverchair’s 2022 bombshell.

Here is what he wrote in the caption:

“For the lovely Americans on here, I wanted to alert you to the fact that a replay of silverchair’s Saturday Night Live performance will be on NBC this Saturday night 10pm.

For those that don’t live in America I’ve pulled together a highlight reel of this memorable evening here.

Couple of things I remember-

* New York City feeling a really long way from Newcastle that night
* Will Ferrell being very tall and reminding me of our friend @chadsmithofficial
* @davidalangrier being a lovely kind man who made 3 Australian kids feel super comfortable even though we were all nervous AF
* the TV debut of my green PRS before I covered it in stickers and thrashed it around the world
* I was excited because we got to play Pure Massacre and not just Tomorrow

If you’re in the US film your TV tonight and tag me.

Such special times with @thenedward and Ben. It was crazy that 12 months earlier we couldn’t get 10 people to watch us play and here we were on one of the most legendary TV shows in American history.

Love you all, Dan 🙏 x”

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