Slash Records New Guns N’ Roses Album With Big Name In Leaked Photo


Slash is recording guitar parts for the new Guns N’ Roses album this weekend in Malibu at Axl Rose’s studio.

Kruse Kontrol Amplification posted photos on social media:

“SLASH’s 1987 Silver Jubilee in the house!

Dropped off by GnR producer Caram Costanzo himself the amp needs to be serviced and tuned up to sound stellar for this Saturday’s recording of new material at Axl Rose’s studio in Malibu. I’m one of the very few fortunate few ever getting to work on and play this cool amp!”

It has also been revealed that Caram Costanzo is producing. Costanzo worked on Axl Rose’s new Looney Tunes song “Rock the Rock”. Costanzo was an assistant engineer on Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple, Stone Temple Pilots’ Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop, Pearl Jam’s No Code, and Rage Against The Machine’s Evil Empire. He also co-produced Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy, and the unreleased material from that era that could compromise part of GNR’s reunion album with Slash and Duff McKagan.

Slash is set to resume touring with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators next week, but he will return to working on the new Guns N’ Roses album in the fall after completing his touring commitments. Guns N’ Roses are also set to tour in September and October, so it looks like 2020 could be the year of new Guns N’ Roses!