Slash Reveals Guns N’ Roses Member Went Broke


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was recently interviewed on the Marshall podcast, and he discussed a time in his life when he was too broke to buy the guitars and bikes he wanted. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Slash nearly hit Axl Rose in a video yesterday.

“Trying to differentiate between that and what is really most important, a tone that is yours. Fortunately for me, maybe out of lack thereof, simplicity is how it went for me. I couldn’t afford all this other stuff, I didn’t think it was really necessary. So it was a matter of finding a guitar that felt good.

I think at the time I was using a BC Rich Mockingbird I had gotten, which is actually a really great sounding guitar. I just kept trying different amps until I finally did have the opportunity to get a Marshall, and I had a tone, something that you feel personally satisfied with, and that was it. I never really needed a lot of stuff after that.”

Slash recently dropped a ‘final’ Guns N’ Roses concert bombshell. He later said, “I was racing BMX, I was pro at the time, I had been into it for a couple of years. I raced heavily, and my hope was to graduate BMX and get into Motorcross, and start out in the 16 and over class. That was something that I was totally focused on, and I couldn’t afford it, it was expensive. Then I discovered guitar, and within 24 hours I went from BMX to a full blown guitar nut.”

Slash recently wrapped up a busy 2019 where he toured with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and more recently Guns N’ Roses, with a new GNR album expected in 2020. A massive Guns N’ Roses and Pearl Jam tour date rumor leaked last week.