Slash Drops ‘Final’ Guns N’ Roses Concert Bombshell


Slash has confirmed that the Guns N’ Roses ‘Not In This Lifetime’ reunion tour is finally over after 3 and a half years, starting with a show on April 1, 2016 in Los Angeles and concluding over the weekend in Las Vegas. Slash’s girlfriend revealed a creepy Axl Rose photo last week.

Slash tweeted, “Vegas, thank you for a fantastic final evening of the NITLT! Last night was awesome, but tonight REALLY shined! Thank you! & thanks to everyone who turned out from CA thru Nevada! & everywhere in between, you all fucking killed it! Cheers! iiii]; )'”

Guns N’ Roses tour manager Del James wrote on Instagram, “That’s all folks! @gunsnroses @officialduffmckagan @dizzyfnreed @slash @slash @thefrankferrer @themelissareese @4tus.”

Howard Stern recently revealed how Axl Rose cost himself thousands of dollars. ChildOfTheMoon said on in response to fans trashing stale setlist, “I just don’t get it. I’m not directing this to anyone in particular and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, but if you think the band sucks, the setlist is boring, their moves are rehearsed and they’re doing it just for the money, why the hell do you go to the show or come here to follow the live set?”

They later added, “I wish they’d change the setlist, play more deep cuts etc, I agree with all that, but they’re not doing anything different from other big bands these days. You have to look at it with some perspective, we’re not the general public, the general public is really happy. We follow the band closely, we know all their steps. Also I don’t expect the spontaneity from the old days, that had a lot to do with youth, drugs, immaturity, booze and Axl’s personal problems.

Things change, you can’t replicate that, they’re in a much better place now. I think they’re genuinely enjoying each others company and playing together again. Of course the money doesn’t hurt either! Just see how how they look happy onstage every night. There’s always people here criticizing management and saying how they could make more money etc. Yes, they could release a dvd, give interviews, be on magazine covers, make a documentary about the whole thing, whatever, but they didn’t, they just want to play and do it on their on terms, don’t you thing that’s cool? That is so much the essence of this band.

From now on I hope we get new music and a different setlist when they go on tour again. Let’s wait and see, but for now I just choose to enjoy what we have and have fun. Ultimately it’s their call, they’ll do what they want to and I think that’s how it should be with any band.” Axl Rose reacted a few days ago to a woman on drugs attempting to rush the stage.