Slipknot Brutally Screw Up “Spit It Out” Performance


Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson screwed up the opening riff to “Spit It Out” at a recent show and had to restart the song. Corey Taylor revealed who is better than Morrissey’s band over the weekend.

twerpzs wrote on Reddit, “I think this is the first time Mick has ever messed up the Spit It Out riff, this was last night.”

MisterGallant commented, “He did drop his pick….in a split second grabbed another one (they’re taped to their guitars/mic stands) and threw it to the crowd (to make it look like he didn’t drop the pic)..then immediately went right back on track into the riff.”

A Slipknot member was angered by mask ripoff accusations in social media posts last week. Slipknot debuted a new song titled “Birth of the Cruel” on Monday ahead of the release of their new album We Are Not Your Kind. F13_Zeo reviewed the song on Reddit, “This is exactly what I’ve wanted to the whole time. A riff that’s damn near heavy enough to snap my back in half like a twig, but more structured than Solway.

I really enjoyed Solway too, but it was a little too liquidy for me. This has more structure, AND is heavier than Unsainted. Add in the fact that it’s got more of Craig and Sid’s shit going on, this is easily the best single in this album cycle for sure, and possibly the best one since the singles from AHIG.”

bluenose_greaser added, “This is definitely my favorite of the three new tracks so far. I really liked Solway and grew to like Unsainted too, but this to me is the rage-filled Slipknot I remember from my youth. I feel like it’s summer 1999 and I’m falling in love with the Knot all over again. WANYK for album of the year, calling it now.”

I think this is the first time Mick has ever messed up the Spit It Out riff , this was last night from r/Slipknot