Corey Taylor Brutal Slipknot Attack In Studio Revealed


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor discussed his studio ‘attack’ in a new The Adamantium interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Corey Taylor recently revealed why he and his wife really broke up.

Host: When I first read about this album, there was talk that this was going to be a double album and –

Corey Taylor: Yeah, we had a lot that we were debating about.

Host: What transformed the album in those two years into what it is now?

Taylor: I think the reality of what we had in the studio, like what was coming in, especially the lyrics I was writing, the “attack” that I was putting into everything, the tonality as well as the energy that we were achieving in the recording process. It really came down to the songs that we beat in the demos because that’s what it really comes down to. We had about over twenty songs and it came down it:

“Okay, we have to cull the herd, really focus on this block and see what rises to the top.” A stolen Slipknot mask that was used onstage was recently revealed.

Taylor: Luckily, I’d say about ninety-five percent of those really came above and beyond the demos. There were three that didn’t really hit the same way that the others did.

Host: Is that a difficult elimination process?

Taylor: Yeah because the special ones are the ones that you keep listening to and the other ones are the ones that you shrug at. Sometimes you can get the “demoitis” and get attached to a certain song but it is when you can free yourself of the ego and look at the album as a whole – that’s when it really becomes something special and you go:

“You know, this isn’t just for me now, this is for everybody.”

Host: Yeah. (A Slipknot member cried laughing after a terrible firing rumor recently).