John Lennon Famous Drug Dealer Finally Revealed


John Lennon and The Beatles directly and indirectly addressed drugs in some classic songs, but one of their most overt drug songs was “Doctor Robert” off of their 1966 album Revolver. The title character of the track was based on the real-life Dr. Robert Freymann, who supplied speed and other drugs to celebrities. Despite this, Lennon himself took credit for having all of the drug pills on tour in a newly surfaced quote on his official Twitter page about the song. Howard Stern recently had a disgusting John Lennon widow segment air on his show.

“Another of mine, Mainly about drugs and pills. It was about myself. I was the one that carried all the pills on tour. Later on the roadies did it. We just kept them in our pockets, loose, in case of trouble.”

A writer named Hannes Mayer responded, “The song is about the dentist Robert Freymann, who used to give VIPs LSD. The Beatles visited him, without their knockledge he put LSD into their coffee. Afterwards they had hallucinations, they thought the elevator is burning. ‘Take a drink from his special cup, Dr. Robert.'”

“The same time, of course, its about himself.”

Paul McCartney made a ‘freak’ John Lennon claim over the weekend. Another fan posted another quote from John Lennon about the song, proving the double meaning.

Lennon said, “This song was about a New York-based doctor who prescribed pills to all the rockers back in the day. Not the LSD-doser dentist.”