Steven Tyler Called ‘Spoiled Brat’ By Big Name At Show


KFAN 100.3 and Minnesota Wild radio network’s Zach Halverson tweeted a vicious shot at Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler after he called out a crowd of fans at an Aerosmith performance in Minnesota for being the ‘worst crowd in 10 years’ for not singing along to a song.

“The guy calls a group of people who spent hundreds of dollars to see his band and an entire day baking in 100-degree heat while he sat in an air conditioned trailer the ‘worst crowd in 10 years.’

Steven Tyler is the antithesis of a rock star. He’s a spoiled brat. Screw him.”

He also posted a meme where he called Dave Grohl a real rock star, with Steven Tyler looks like a goof. Tyler allegedly threatened to cancel the performance if empty VIP seats weren’t filled with general admission fans.

Aerosmith recently wrapped their latest run of ‘Deuces Are Wild’ shows in Las Vegas. A video was uploaded of “Dream On” where Steven Tyler was criticized for failing to hit some high notes at an otherwise stellar show. The band are set to return to Vegas in late September after a run of east coast concerts. The band currently have no plans to record a new album.