Gene Simmons Reveals Big Name Rejected KISS Tour


In a new post on the KISS fan page over on Facebook, the KISS Aussie and Worldwide Collectors – member Phil Cass revealed how former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were contacted to be part of the End of the Road tour with Peter Criss declining. Fellow former member Vinnie Vincent has been stated as doubtful to be apart of this tour by fellow KISS member Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons’ daughter disrespects dad in sad photo.

Cass stated the following: “We also spoke about Ace [Frehley] and Peter [Criss] being asked to be part of the World Tour in some capacity with Peter saying no. We spoke about Vinnie [Vincent] never having a contract with KISS and probably not getting a gig on the tour. Gene also talked about having business ventures and big rock festivals” Gene Simmons massive KISS tour paycheck was newly revealed.

Cass continued: I have never been this intimate with Gene in all my years of being a KISS fan. He really seemed genuine and if he didn’t have to get a plane to Adelaide he would have stayed all day. He made sure everyone had photos, signed more than four items and chatted with everyone. Yes, the tour might have been canceled but today kinda made up a little in some way. Have to thank doc, Gene and Tim McCartney for making it a great day.” Ace Frehley recently revealed if KISS’ Paul Stanley is lip-syncing.