Howard Stern Reveals Stunning Gavin Rossdale Secret


Howard Stern has uploaded rare video of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale performing “Glycerine” live on his show in 1995, just as Sixteen Stone was exploding in North America. In the video, Stern, Rossdale, and Robin Quivers discuss the secret meaning behind the song before the performance.

This summer Bush are on a tour with LIVE celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sixteen Stone. Drummer Robin Goodridge abruptly left Bush earlier this year, being absent from all live spring and summer shows and a new John Wick soundtrack music video. The band have not acknowledged his absence at all, and have not confirmed if it is permanent or temporary, despite Goodridge being the only other original Bush member in the 2010’s lineup besides Rossdale. Rossdale reacted to Kurt Cobain imitation accusations earlier this year.

Howard Stern: You guys gonna do Glycerine live?

Gavin Rossdale: Okay, but-

Howard Stern: First time I heard that song I thought it Misery, I didn’t even know it was Glycerine.

Robin Quivers: What is Glycerine?

Howard: I think that’s the stuff that blows up, that’s Glycerine. Are you trying to say that life is as dangerous as Glycerine?

Gavin: I was trying to say that the person I was writing the song about was as dangerous as Glycerine.

Howard: Glycerine, nitroglycerine.

Gavin: There you have it.

Howard: Wow. See, I got that one.

Robin: Who was this person?

Gavin: It was a girlfriend of mine called Suzy.

Howard: This is a really great song.

You can watch the video below. Soundgarden recently made a bold Gavin Rossdale revelation.