Steven Tyler Girlfriend Bends Over At Beach In Photo


Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler had a wonderful beach outing recently with his family and his girlfriend Aimee Lee Preston who can be seen here posing with Tyler, Mia, and her son. Mia Tyler wrote about the outing on Instagram: “Watched a beautiful sunset with my gorgeous Wolf Pack celebrating 15 goes around the sun with Milo in our universe. The smartest most kind gentleman in our pack if you ask me. I can only hope my Ax grows up to be as special. Love my Wolves”. You can view the photos below. Steven Tyler’s illegitimate’ daughter recently revealed by Aerosmith.

In other news regarding Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, fans recently took to social media to review one of Aerosmith’s most classic albums – Nine Lives. One fan stated: “This is a pretty decent reissue of this underrated album. This was actually the first actual album that I bought in 2013, and I was disappointed due to how “slow-paced” it is… now to 2019, I actually think this album is pretty good! Sure, Toys In The Attic and Rocks were better but this album is far from their worst in my opinion. Highlights for me are “Nine Lives”, “Falling In Love (Is So Hard On The Knees)”, “Taste Of India”, “Crash”, “Kiss Your Past Goodbye”, “Pink”, and “Fallen Angels”. The title track is actually what got me into rock music… thanks to Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster at Disney, and to finally hear it on vinyl is refreshing!”  Steven Tyler’s‘ open relationship’ with this big name revealed.

This Steven Tyler new ‘drug treatment’ was just revealed. The fan continued: “About the vinyl reissue, the presentation is great, but sadly… the inner sleeves suck, it’s not due to the design but every time I try to put the second record back in, I have to take the inner sleeve out, put the record in the sleeve and then put the sleeve with the record back in the outer sleeve. The first record came perfectly clean while Side 3 had a nasty scratch but thankfully, it didn’t make one pop… sadly on Side 4… there was some scuffs on the beginning of “Fallen Angels” and that made some louder pops. The sound quality is not perfect… audiophile-wise but it’s passable. The bonus tracks are nice but I wish they used “Fall Together” instead of “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” as I am not a big fan of that song. Overall, it’s an okay reissue… buy it because I don’t know if this edition is going to be limited or not.”