System of a Down Leak Painful Steven Tyler Photo


Father time waits for no one and that is an adage that all of us must take to heart. Recently, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian took to social media via Instagram to showcase a graphic that highlights several A-list musicians such as Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and ‘Living Like a Prayer’ singer Bon Jovi, whose bandmate tragically died recently, as age has crept up to them. The caption in the photo reads: “You know time is passing at an uncomfortable speed when all the good rock stars start looking like your grandma.” Odadjian would caption the photo himself by adding: “Am I next?” The photo along with the caption can be seen below.

In other news concerning System of a Down, during a recent interview with Music Connection magazine, aforementioned System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian discussed a potential new solo project that he has in the works. The new endevor is being hailed by the guitarist as “heavy” as he told the outlet, personally. Earlier this year, an A-list musician ruined this System of a Down performance. Credit to Loudersound for the following transcription.

“System’s taking a little break, until next year, so I’ve been working on the North Kingsley record,” said Shavo. “It’s almost done. That’s my side project. We’ve got six songs done. You can check it out on Spotify.

He continued: “It’s a new project, so it’s continuously growing and evolving. And as I evolve, I drop what we just did and we move to the next style. It’s fun. It’s freedom of music. It’s really cool.

And would also say: “And I also have some music I’m doing as a side project — just me alone solo. It’s called The Shavo Project and it’s really heavy. That’s all I can say right now.”