John Lennon Horrible Bathroom Video Finally Revealed


The Beatles icon John Lennon and his widow Yoko Ono star in director Michael Epstein’s new film ‘John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky.’ Epstein discussed the film in a new interview, and said there are embarrassing bathroom and bedroom scenes. Howard Stern recently revealed why John Lennon ‘had’ to be killed.

Epstein said, “The footage comes from the fact that they’re making Imagine and Yoko had this crazy idea, which now is commonplace. I mean, now, you know, you have the Kardashians with Instagram and all this stuff. It didn’t happen back then…there wasn’t any of this. And the idea was, ‘Well, let’s film our life and then you know we’ll make a movie, an experimental film that we’ll release that will show our lives and we’ll marry it to the soundtrack.’ Kind of like what Beyonce does, right? But at a time when nobody was doing it.”

Epstein made his remarks in a Forbes interview. The Lennons didn’t want filming for the project to be watered down, with bedroom scenes and bathroom moments that are far from flattering appearing in the movie. They show a stripped down honesty that makes fans see John and Yoko in a different light, which can finally make the public perception of “Imagine” change a bit, especially when it comes to Yoko. The film captures their collaborative efforts and the fact that the song is, as Epstein notes, a “marriage of John and Yoko” where the song is very much Ono’s voice.

“That song’s the perfect blending of those two ways of thinking and looking, and voices of the world…John took Yoko’s voice and made it palpable for the general public in ‘Imagine’. And that song is this kind of remarkable blending of two very unique, very strong, very smart artists who both…felt they had something important to say.” Ringo Starr called out a John Lennon lie a few days ago.

ohn & Yoko: ABOVE US ONLY SKY shares the untold story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s unique relationship, and the artistic journey that culminated in the iconic Imagine album. This feature-length documentary film, directed by Emmy Award Winner and Oscar nominee Michael Epstein, explores how the art, activism, politics and music of the pair lead to the creative and personal collaboration that defined an era.

A compelling new commentary follows the creative journeys John and Yoko took to arrive at Imagine, as well as their paths to the innovative music film Imagine and Yoko’s lesser-known but extraordinary album Fly. Through a deep dive into previously unreleased recordings, including the first demo of ‘Imagine’, and unseen film, as well as both archive and brand-new interviews, ABOVE US ONLY SKY lays bare childhoods scarred by inequality, racism, exploitation and the horrors of war—and later redeemed by love and art. Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon hated Paul McCartney.