Steven Tyler Reveals What He Really Did To Teen Girls


Steven Tyler, legendary Aerosmith frontman recently gave a feature to Haute Living about his sobriety and being honored at Musicares next year. In addition, Tyler and Richard P. Shaw, Chief Development Officer for Youth Villages Janie’s Fund discussed the charitable initiative known as Youth Villages. Aerosmith reveal why Steven Tyler ‘replaced’ bandmate.

Youth Villages is a leading nonprofit organization that began 33 years ago and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennesse. It is considered the most effective nonprofit working with abused and neglected kids and families in America. Steven Tyler ‘bends over’ for surprising young man in photo.

In talking to the outlet, Shaw discussed Tyler’s legacy and involvement with the initiative stating: “LifeSet is a program that works with young women ages 17 to 22 that have grown up in the foster care system, which means they’ve come into foster care because they’ve been abused or neglected. They spend years in the foster care system and oftentimes experience even additional trauma being shifted around, going from family to family, never having any stability or permanency. How it works is half [of] the money we raise every year goes directly into the program—there’s no administration, there’s no overhead. Then [the other] half of it is put into a permanent account that is going to grow over time and outlive us all.”

Steven Tyler reveals huge ‘size’ to women in photo.  He later continued: “This issue that we’re addressing is, unfortunately, going to be here forever, so we’re trying to create something that’s immediately [having an] impact and helping girls, but also is going to grow over time. This is the legacy that his daughters and son and his grandkids can carry on into the future. [Tyler’s] legacy is not just this amazing, iconic, talented, force-of-nature rock star, but it’s also this caring, loving, passionate man that saw his purpose in life [was] not just about music, but also about caring for others. That’s the legacy that I wake up to every day and I’m excited to help him develop that.”