System of a Down Devastated By Cancer News


System of a Down were devastated by the news of legendary manager Lauren Valencia dying from cancer. Valencia managed My Chemical Romance and Grimes. A System of a Down member recently discussed Serj Tankian receiving backlash for revealing why the band won’t record a new album.

Serj Tankian discussed attending her funeral, “Goodnight sweet Lauren. You had an amazing send off today. See you on the other side. This life will never be the same without you. @shavoodadjian.”

Shavo Odadjian commented, “😢💔😢.”

Serj previously wrote, “Dear Lauren, Your passing is one of the most difficult for us as a family. You were our sister, best friend, ally, associate, and brain trust. I’m sorry we didn’t get to kidnap you away from everything in time. You gave so much of yourself to everyone in a life too short and never questioned why.

Your karma is beyond good. Travel well my friend. You are sorely missed and I have to say the rest of our lives will never be the same without your dear presence. I love you Lauren Valencia. Rest In Peace love.”

“The world is dimmer today, but I will always have your light to get me through,” said former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way when she passed a week ago.

Metallica recently revealed a stunning System of a Down tour bus story. Mindless Self Indulgence bassist, and Gerard Way’s wife, Lindsey Way said she was with Lauren the day before she died.

“I held her hand yesterday and today she’s gone. I was able to tell her how much I loved her, how much better my life was because she was in it. I was fortunate to be able to do that. Please don’t wait, you may never get the chance.”