Taylor Momsen Creepy Black Swimsuit Photo Revealed


The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen recently posted a sexy photo in an eerie black set of lingerie and makeup on New Year’s Day. “#happynewyear from all of us in #theprettyreckless #newbeginning #2020 #tpr4 #lookingintothepast”

The Pretty Reckless’s fourth album, Death by Rock and Roll, the successor to 2016’s Who You Selling For, is due for release in 2020. We are fast approaching the tenth anniversary of The Pretty Reckless’s full length album debut, Light Me Up. Momsen, actress turned rock star goddess, took influences from a wide variety of artists, including Joan Jett, Axl Rose, Chris Cornell, and Scott Weiland.

Taylor Momsen bends in tight outfit photo. At The New York Times, Jon Caramanica described the album as “terrific fun: salacious, convincingly muscular, unnervingly rowdy.” Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly opined that the album is “clearly built from the doll parts of [the] grunge goddesses [of the 1990s]—a sometimes too-slick conceit that Momsen’s thousand-Marlboro growl still manages to sell surprisingly well.”

Virgin Media’s Ian Gittins noted that the album is “sparky and vivacious enough to hint that Ms Momsen, should she so wish, may even be able to give up the day job. IGN’s Chad Grischow expressed, “Despite some lyrical clumsiness and overbearing production, there is a lot to like about The Pretty Reckless on their debut; enough to leave you hoping they work out the kinks on their sophomore set.” John Longbottom of Kerrang! commented, “While lyrically there’s nothing explicitly offensive, there are enough risque lines here to raise a few eyebrows, and enough good songs to prick a few ears.”

As one fan said: “The Pretty Reckless Light Me Up is a very good rock CD with 11 songs and full of emotions that everyone can relate to. The singer’s voice is also very good and on most songs, you will feel like humming along or singing along in your car or at home. Track one expresses the effects of drugs on the singer’s life, track two another good rock song with decent lyrics but personally prefer the live version found on the CD single “Hit Me Like A Man.”

Track 3 is a song you can’t help but sing along to and relate to the lyrics at some point in your life “I’ll Never Be Good Enough”, track 4 is a song with strange lyrics but the singer is right about one main thing no matter how much we desire to change “Can’t Be Anything Else But Me.” Track 5 is another song you can hum along to and enjoy moving to the music but in the end she will get her revenge on those who hurt her, track 6 shows how much you want to numb out the pain, hurt, so you take anything to drown it out but for “Just Tonight.” Taylor Momsen reveals creepy Jim Carrey photo.