Blink-182 Icon Kissing Freddie Mercury Photo Revealed


Freddie Mercury played at the Forum in Los Angeles with Queen in the past, and the band recently returned to the iconic venue for the ‘Rhapsody’ tour with Adam Lambert. Blink-182 played at the Forum last night, and singer/guitarist Matt Skiba kissed a giant photo of Freddie Mercury backstage. Mercury flirting with U2 frontman Bono was recently revealed.

Skiba wrote on Instagram, “Freddie backstage @theforum, once upon a time in Inglewood 😘⚡️”

Skiba also wrote about the Forum show, “SO HONORED @stevecaballero designed the show posters for @blink182’s show @theforum this week! Steve has always been a huge inspiration to me personally. I discovered my first love: THE MISFITS because of a shirt he wore in THE SEARCH FOR ANIMAL CHIN (Crimson Ghost Tee!).

Steve taught me how to speed carve a bowl (at Hayward Skatepark years ago when he saw me struggling to figure it out came up and offered to give me some pointers!) and later became a friend doing Warped Tour together. The Faction, his skating, and his musical taste is a huge part of my life and now his art on a show poster for a gig I’m playing is an absolute dream come true! Thanks a MILLION Steve! You rule, homie!!! xo M. #cab.”

New details on Freddie Mercury’s secret Prince tape were also revealed earlier this week. Queen guitarist Brian May wrote after a show last month at the Forum, “An amazing day and night ! Thanks Adam for posting this. Thanks to all my family and dear pals for the Birthday wishes. Thanks ALL you beauties in the fabulous LA Forum tonight for singing to me – and with me … and being a truly wonderful audience. OK ! Deep breath !! Second Forum show tomorrow ! Grateful ! Bri X.”