Pink Floyd Icon Brutally Turned Down By Secretary


Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters discussed if he was going to write to United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson to grant renown whistleblower Julian Assange clemency in a recent interview. Waters stated that Johnson’s secretary wouldn’t even give him the time of day. Roger Waters made a new ridiculous money demand.

In telling the outlet, Waters said: “Boris Johnson, are you kidding? [laughs] I did write last year when I was engaged to get some children out of [a city] in Northeastern Syria. I did get them out in the end but I wrote to the foreign secretary and he didn’t even reply. That is really, weirdly bizarre because within the context of a government in the United Kingdom at least you would expect a foreign secretary to have an office with a secretary who could reply: “Dear Mr. Waters,  thank you for your letter – f*** off.”

The Pink Floyd frontman concluded: “I didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply. Boris Johnson, unless it was a photo op for him he couldn’t care less what I think or what anybody thinks about anything.”

This Roger Waters ‘balding’ video stuns Pink Floyd: ‘he’s frail’. In other news regarding Waters and Pink Floyd, in a recent topic within the Pink Floyd subreddit fans have been discussing the merits of the group’s fifteenth studio album entitled ‘The Endless River’ and it’s legacy within the Pink Floyd catalog.

DMartin81 said: “Yeah I really like it, I do look it as four tracks only though. Side three is by far the stand out of the four but they all have different vibes. This could have been a lot better though if they had finished this in the late 90s or early 2000s when Rick [Wright] was alive and they could have fleshed out some of the ideas more.”

ThenamesPaulBlart stated: “I’ve started to get more into it recently too. ‘Talkin’ Hawkin”s becoming one of my favorites on the album. I’ve always liked ‘Anisina’ but I’m starting to like Unsung too. Although for some reason ‘Louder Than Words’ has gotten a bit old to me even though I don’t listen to it very much.”