The Rolling Stones Drugs At Show Leaked By A-List Star


The Rolling Stones recently performed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at the top of their game. Actor/comedian David Spade revealed that he saw fans who were using the drug marijuana who were in his seats, which frustrated him, in a comical new video. Keith Richards was savagely disrespected by a famous actor.

Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed Spade’s comments:

Four songs it takes me to get to my seats. The aisle’s full of some Tommy Bahamas stoners going: “Huh?” And I go: “The concert is that way.” I say to these people: “I think you are in my seats.”

But of course I’m screaming it at the top of my lungs because the concert is going, missing a good song, When people are in your seats, they are always going like this: “Huh?”

And I go: “Do I have to say it again?” Obviously if anyone taps you on the shoulder, you’re out. You got it? It’s like musical chairs, Get fucked. You’re in my chair. He goes: “What, what are your seats?” (A big name recently made a brutal Mick Jagger dementia joke)

Are we gonna go through this whole rigmarole bullshit? Then it’s like, you need an injunction because no one is leaving. They’re like: “Well can you get the guy to -”

No, just go! They’re not yours, they’re not. They’re like squatters. Now they have rights. I have to get a lawyer – it’s horrible. I almost got into a fight with a girl. I would have lost. She looked like Miley Cyrus but more of a gangbanger. She weighed about ninety pounds. I could tell she had some fucking hands on her, she could throw down. So I was like:

“Easy Gumby. I don’t wanna get my ass kicked by some chick on TMZ. – Spade’s losing!” Security is over there like this [whispering motion] I go: “What are you doing? Fix this!” So they finally scooch, scadoodle and skedaddle. (Mick Jagger was brutally insulted by a woman on television last week)