Mick Jagger Calls Out Bandmate For Cocaine Abuse


Mick Jagger revealed that The Rolling Stones bandmate Ronnie Wood used too many drugs and drank too much, and also had a sex problem in the new film ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me.’ Alternative Nation transcribed his short remark. Jagger said about Wood’s issues, “Sex, drugs, things like that. Drinking.” Mick Jagger’s daughter made a bold Channing Tatum revelation a few days ago.

In the film, Wood then revealed how he enjoyed smoking cocaine. He said, “I felt that with the base, the ­freebase, it was controlling me. I had no control over it. It took me about three years to get off it.

I enjoyed the shit out if it. Took it with me wherever I went. I thought it was the best thing going. I would take it to parties and go, ‘Everybody try this’, get [a] great big Bunsen burner out, the pipes, the works, freebase and ­everything. And people would be going, ‘You’re fucking crazy’ but I would love it.”

Wood also said, “I was in the hands of destiny all my life and in the right place at the right time. I wouldn’t change anything, except I would do it with my eyes open a bit more.”

Howard Stern recently revealed when Mick Jagger will die. jlowe speculated on if Ronnie Wood being busy with his documentary and tour could prevent The Rolling Stones from entering the studio before Christmas.

“Sorry to spoil the party, but should we assume that all this Ronnie Activity means no new album studio time in November?”

Rocky Dijon responded, “Previously the expectation had been December studio sessions. There was a rumor the band was recording in Los Angeles in October, but this coincided with Mick attending Ronnie’s documentary screening in London. Of course, Don Was also attended the screening with them.

It’s possible there was still an October session, but in London and not Los Angeles. If so, Ronnie will likely confirm sometime this month while doing press. Otherwise, one presumes they are on for December. Yet to be confirmed is that they’ll be knuckling down to finish the album so it has a shot of being released when they hit the road next year. We’ll see. Breath-holding is not advised.” Mick Jagger’s girlfriend revealed disease weight loss in a new article.