Tobias Forge Reveals If Ghost ‘Sold Out’ For Money


Tobias Forge revealed (he recently said if he’s gone broke) that Ghost and other major artists do not sell out for money in order to advance their careers, explaining that especially when it comes to concerts, they are just developing their relationship with a growing audience.

Forge told RC Reader, “Most successful artists have in some way or form nurtured the relationship they have between themselves and their audience. The way that you would nurture any relationship with another part – be it a partner in life or a partner in work. There’s some sort of collaboration.

If you look at big bands that went from debutantes playing clubs to big arena acts, their first records are usually slightly more raunchy and maybe faster in tempo and might include a little bit more complicated arrangements. What you usually find over the course of time and further into their careers, they start making records that are more moderately paced. Or they are paced in a different way. Certain songs don’t really translate very well in a very, very big room in front of thousands and thousands of people. Common lingo among rock fans is that, ‘Oh, they sold out. They just want to sell records.'”

Forge revealed how he’s ‘out of the closet’ recently. He added, “No, they write music that will feel comfortable in the setting – in the forum in which they are performing these songs. You do what you feel is good for both parties, and that’s how you develop your relationship with your crowd. You don’t do this 100 percent all the time. But you should be aware that if you start doing shit that your significant other – in this case the crowd – doesn’t like, you’d be stupid if you continue doing it.”

You can read the full interview at RC Reader.

EmeritusMortis recently proposed an interesting idea on the Ghost Reddit, “So I had this crazy idea. I’m currently doing a giveaway on Instagram which made me come up with this idea. October 18th will be the 9 year birthday for Opus Eponymus. Since it’s too early now, I say for Oct 18th, 2020 on its 10 year anniversary, we get it to Gold Record status. Buy as many copies available of Opus Eponymus and give them out to friends or total strangers while getting the record to gold, even platinum if possible.

What better way to give back to Ghost and show our love and support. I know it’s a crazy idea but they really deserve it tbh. Yeah they only have 4 albums out but we love the hell out of them. Prequelle and Meliora have a better chance getting gold first but why not Opus?

I know it’s crazy because we’d be blowing money on one album when we could buy resin cups for $200 and claim we’re the best fan and be that guy, but wouldn’t it be better knowing we accomplished getting them what their music deserves?