Tom Petty Daughter ‘Gets Wet’ In Bad Pool Photo


Tom Petty‘s daughter Annakim Violette posted photos of herself swimming at night on her social media. A painful Tom Petty ‘goodbye’ note was just revealed by his family.

Dexters_Cat recently posted on Reddit about possible future posthumous Tom Petty releases, “Think there might be some releases now that Tom’s widow and daughters have settled the estate There are several concerts filmed professionally and in their entirety posted to YouTube. I’d really like to purchase them on DVD, but am having a hard time tracking them down.

Maybe it’s not the estate that owns the rights though. Could be the Broadcasting Network or the distributors IDK. I can find a few of the more recent ones, like the one at the Fillmore, but can’t find much before that. I really want a copy of Take the highway live, but I can only find it on LazerDisc.

Want through the Rockplast website to try and get one filmed in 77 and didn’t have any luck there either. Plus I’d hate to finally get a copy and find it doesn’t work on my American DVD player. Heading to Old Grey Whistle Test next. And trying to find out who owns the ones filmed in San Francisco and then Santa Monica on New Year’s Eve.

I know they have to exist, because they have been uploaded to YouTube! But I want to buy my own copies! I’m totally lost, anyone have any ideas?” Misterdoctor24 responded, “Santa Monica New Year’s Eve was included in the Live Anthology box set.” Tom Petty’s daughter recently revealed a ‘bloated’ Jimi Hendrix photo.