Howard Stern Reveals If Foo Fighters Are ‘Finished’


Howard Stern recently revealed that the reason Foo Fighters aren’t finished is their physical discipline. Dave Grohl revealed a Kurt Cobain death lie yesterday. recapped: Howard took a call from a guy who asked about what an open E is because the Black Crowes mentioned that. Howard said it’s an open chord on the guitar when you strum it. He said it makes it easier to strum. He said Leslie West uses open D a lot. He said it makes it easier. Fred said it’s voicings that you don’t get with a regular tuning. He said Keith Richards uses it a lot too. Howard said you see guitar players doing it during the shows because they have different tunings.

Howard said he was watching a video on the internet yesterday. He said Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters was showing how he learned the drums. He said he listened to records and played along with it. He said it’s a master class on being a drummer. He said it was a great video. He said it’s fascinating to see their process like that.

A Foo Fighters member was recently rejected by a famous actress. Howard took a call from a guy who said he thought all of his appearances on TV were fantastic. He said he thinks Howard looks good. He said the one thing he has is a saggy neck. He asked if there’s anything he can do with that. Howard said he’s not going to get plastic surgery. He said things are happening and he’s aging out. He said he knows he doesn’t look good. The caller said he looks good. Howard said he doesn’t look good. He said he knows it. Howard said the party they’ve been having for 40 years is going to come to an end at some point. He said he’s aging out and he knows it. He said Beth tells him he looks fine but he sees what’s happening. Robin said you don’t have to step of stage because of your saggy neck. Howard said at some point he does.

Howard said he has had people give him strange looks his whole life. He said what he’s attempting to do is beat the odds. He said he tries to work out and stay in the game. He said it’s something that Taylor Hawkins was saying. He said he’s in his 40s and he really has to go to bed early and be disciplined. He said doing 3 hours on stage you have to be in shape. Howard said for anyone who does a radio show you have to be in shape. He said that’s why he’s staying in shape. Robin said she talked herself out of a voice last week. She said it really does get harder. Howard Stern made a disturbing Neil Young drug claim yesterday.