Tool Call Out ‘Crowd Surfing’ At Show: ‘No Moshing’


A venue Tool is performing at recently put out a notice saying that in addition to no photography, there is no moshing or crowd surfing allowed at shows! Maynard James Keenan and Tool revealed a ban yesterday that may anger Slipknot fans.

The notice states, “No lasers, lights, glow-sticks, or flashing lights of any kind. No glass items. No moshing or crowd surfing. Any item(s) o actions that challenge public safety. No para-military clothing will be allowed inside of the screening area or venue.”

Sebastian Bach revealed that he turned down opening for Tool on their fall ‘Fear Inoculum’ North American tour due to a scheduling conflict, leading to Killing Joke getting the gig. Some fans on Reddit have been critical of Killing Joke.

Tool recently revealed how rude fans ‘will be ejected.’ corneliusduff posted, “The sound setup is unforgiving. People who know the ropes know that opening bands don’t have the luxury of a pristine mix in arena settings, it’s just logistics and circumstance.

I thought they were awesome, but I had to really focus to get the most out of it because of the mix and not knowing their material. Then again, I had to focus to get the most out of Tool because too many people yapped during their set also. Probably didn’t help a band like KJ either.”

Fleshtax commented, “I was in Pittsburgh and the sound was overwhelmed by bass standing waves. I strongly suggest checking out their 2003 self titled album Killing Joke, yellow cover with red killer clown face. The album is awesome, just sad it didn’t transfer to current live settings.”

Johnnyvezai said, “The bad itself isn’t really that bad but the lead singer sounded like he was running out of breath midway through the first song. I’m pretty sure he had no idea what city he was even playing in lol. Disappointed that they didn’t play The Death & Resurrection show.” Tool’s massive 2020 tour plans leaked last week.