Tool Member Makes Painful Firing Revelation


Tool drummer Danny Carey revealed in a new interview that historically it has been his job in the band to fire people, laughing and agreeing when suggested that maybe he does it because he’s the biggest guy in the band. The first review for the new Tool album Fear Inoculum recently surfaced.

Revolver asked what his role has been in the band besides just being drummer. “I guess maybe enforcer. [Laughs] I used to have to be the hatchet man when we had to fire people. But our crew is so awesome now that they take care of themselves. No one can even infiltrate the family, so they usually weed them out before I have to do anything. We all kinda have different roles, I guess, but mine really is more like the music director. I try to take part in a lot of the arranging, but we all do a bit of that. But I studied more music in school, so sometimes I can get my opinion across a little easier so it makes sense.”

Maynard James Keenan revealed why Tool were reluctant to join the streaming world in a recent Joe Rogan interview. Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant also recently was involved in a surprising Tool photo.

“We tried that before, like, ‘No, no, we want you to hear our whole album in sequence.’ And people were, like, ‘Like you play them live?’…We’ve never played an album start to finish, but I’m not the guy that said, ‘Oh, no, we want you to hear…’ Yeah, and away we go, it’s out there in the ether.”

So, why have you guys not had anything on streaming up until this moment?

“Yeah, no… I can’t… I love my brothers. I’m just gonna take the fifth on that one. [Laughs]

So, there was some sort of internal discussion?

“Or no discussion… Just the typical Tool time, like, ‘What, there was a meeting?’. [Laughs]”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.