Tool Reveal Who ‘Screamed’ At Maynard James Keenan


Tool bassist Justin Chancellor discussed fans ‘screaming’ at Maynard James Keenan and his other bandmates asking when the new Tool album Fear Inoculum was coming before its release. Chancellor made the remarks in a Visions magazine interview. A Tool member made a ‘junkie’ Kurt Cobain remark in a new interview.

So the delay was more on you than on Maynard, contrary to popular belief?

You know, there’s no guilty parties here. You need time to make good music and we’ve just been honest with each other and with our creativity. That’s our job. Everyone’s screaming “When will we get the new record?!?!”. When it’s not done it’s not done and we can’t change that.

It could be easier though right?

I doubt it. *laughs* Actually I doubt it for real. It seems to get harder every time. The own expectations grow and… who knows, maybe next time it’ll go fast.

Back to the writing process. Are you finally recording at this point?

Yes. We record for about a year. First drums, then bass, then guitar, then vocals

Maynard James Keenan rejecting new Tool album material was revealed a few days ago. Tool fans recently discussed disliking a surprising song on Fear Inoculum. coredem1 wrote, “I like Fear Inoculum as an album, but i find myself skipping the track most people were hyped about. It’s a nice song but for some reason it doesn’t fit other songs so good in my opinion. Many critics say that 7empest is the only track that ‘doesn’t feel as overextended,’ but for me it is just that. What do you think?”

sam1405 posted, “I think all of the tracks are overextended and could all get away with being 7 minutes long, but ultimately I realize that their length is going to help with repeatability as the years go by. The longer they are, the harder it will be to get bored of them over time. So I’m holding off my opinion until about 13 years from now, lol.”

Carl_Higgins said, “It’s without a doubt my least favorite tool song period. Whatever. I’m not gonna get all upset about it, like some who aren’t into things on this album, but it’s the first time they’ve put out anything and my reaction is just kind of, ‘yeah no thanks.’ The rest of the record is all right up my alley though.” A Slipknot member recently revealed the bold truth about the new Tool album.