U2 Singer Bono Delays Flight For Ridiculous Reason


Bono, ever the selfless soul, recently added another notch of kindness and showed why he is one of the most altruistic people in all of rock music today with U2. This photo, courtesy of the official Twitter account of music writer Cameron Adams emphasizes that sentiment as it was revealed that Bono and company personally delayed their private flight to Adelaide to greet and shake the hands of one-hundred and thirty firefighters. Bono newly ranted at U2 show after rain hits him onstage.

As Adams tweeted out the stunning and brave news: “U2 delay their flight to Adelaide so Bono can personally shake the hands of 130 CFA firefighters. “Bono made our crew feel very special, it’s something they won’t forget in a long time.” It’s OK, they’re in Adelaide now for their show tonight.”

A fan over on U2’s official subreddit recently revealed what U2’s masterclass 1991 album Actung Baby means to them in a new topic. Bono recently revealed how much U2 bandmates are paid.

The user stated: “Its 2001, and my musical plate is quite full at the time because download MP3s is a very common practice for me. I’m trying to find new music that’s coming out at that time, I’m researching and trying to find some of the most critically acclaimed music from the 70’s and 80’s, and I’m soaking it all in like a sponge because this is all coming to me like new.

I believe right around Spring 2001 I finally get around to listening to AB, front to back. And what happens is, I immediately become attached to about 2 songs. So, I put 2 songs on my daily listening rotation. And I listen to them thoroughly for a month. And when that month has passed, I realize that I really like another song on the album, so I play that song on heavy rotation for a whole month. And then other songs catches a groove within me, and that becomes a heavily-listened song for a month.

And I keep on doing this to every song, I kid you not, every song on the damn album. Even though I am listening to other music through this time, I really do spend the majority of the time going through the entire AB [Achtung Baby] album from Spring 2001 to about February 2002. I’ve never done that with any other album. It primarily occupied a period of my life. Bono revealed what he really thinks about Billie Eilish not too long ago.