Bono Rants At U2 Show After Rain Hits Him Onstage


Acclaimed U2 frontman Bono isn’t going to let a little thing like rain get in the middle of his band’s set. During the most recent U2 show at Marvel Stadium in Australia as it started to pour down – it looked like it was gonna take Bono and company off of his game as the U2 singer was quoted as saying. Bono recently revealed how much U2 bandmates are paid.

“It’s starting to rain? F**k sake.”

This, coming from a first-hand account via a fan that attended a show. However, we are glad to report that not only did cooler heads prevail but Bono made something negative into truly a positive in only a way that a true professional showman such as himself could. As it started to rain, Bono took liberty – as per reported from another fan that attended the event to sing the classic 1952 Gene Kelly song ‘Singin’ In The Rain – right before the band’s next number. Singin’ In The Rain, of course, is also from the 1952 musical of the same name. You can view a snippet of that video below.

In other news regarding Bono and U2, fans via the official subreddit for the group discussed the legacy and the impact for U2’s twelfth studio album entitled, ‘No Line On The Horizon. Bono revealed what he really thinks about Billie Eilish a few days ago.

Glamdring804 wrote: “A lot better than most people give it credit for, in my opinion. I even think ‘I’ll Go Crazy’ and ‘Stand Up Comedy’ are good. The back half of the album is especially under-appreciated. ‘Fez – Being Born’ and ‘Breathe’ are amazing rock songs.”

HereComeDatMoonBoiwas a bit harsher with their take: “I truly believe ‘Stand Up Comedy’ to be the worst song that U2 has ever released. It sounds like Jason Mraz ******* around with a ****** Led Zeppelin cover band. Other than that song – which is, unfortunately, right smack dab in the middle of the record – I think NLOTH is a really solid, fascinating late-career album that could have probably been close to a masterpiece if the band had stuck with the spacey, experimental approach that most of the record has.” Bono apologized for a terrible U2 album release a few days ago.