U2 Singer Bono Makes Disturbing Drug Revelation


U2 singer Bono called out the ridiculous prices of drugs that save the lives of people with AIDS, and how he uses his RED charity to help people in Africa, in a new Cry Power Podcast with Hozier interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks.

“There are other fights you could pick, but it just seemed to me that these two pills, we are fighting for the right for people to access just symbolized inequality. They physicalized it, you didn’t get the pills, you die.

You do get the pills, you live. Where you live shouldn’t decide whether you live. That’s the basic premise of RED. Can we meet people where they are as consumers and piggyback their spending habits in order to afford people a dignified way of dealing with their disease.”

Bono partying with Matthew McConaghey was revealed a couple of days ago. Bono later added, “Trying to make sense of the nonsense of being famous, and why is it nonsense? Because it is great to get good seats in restaurants and not get thrown out of pubs in after hours. The nonsense of it is fame upends the real order of things.

In the real view of the world, in God’s view of the world, in the view of social justice, a mother or a fireman or a school teacher, they are incredible people who are not given really the kind of recognition that people who can remember their lines, actors, singers, musicians, people who do what we do anyway.

We do what we love, it’s a strange thing to have us so regarded. I think we need to know the nonsense of that. So celebrity is nonsense, but it’s currency. I suppose that I, and you too, want to dispense our currency well. We have to make sense of it. We had a kind of prayer as a band, which was to be useful.” Bono was spotted driving a ridiculous car recently.