U2 Singer Bono Reveals Disturbing Doctor News


U2 superfan toshitanyatta documented on Instagram how Bono and the band paid tribute to Dr. Tetsu Nakamura during one of U2’s most recent shows in Japan. Nakamura was murdered overseas in Afghanistan when where was treating soldiers. Bono recently revealed U2 bandmate toilet video.

The superfan documented: “As U2 Bono mentioned at Japan on Dec 5th, Dr. Tetsu Nakamura was murdered at Afghanistan where he saved plenty of lives. He graduated from 2 of the same schools as I did. He sometimes visited my high school and talked about his activity to treat leprosy. One impressive story is as follows. When he gave Japanese in door shoes to lepers to protect their feet, they sold away for the poverty, so the purpose wasn’t achieved. Then he gave Japanese authentic “Waraji”, straw slippers to them. Waraji looks not so fancy looking that they could not sell away.” Brad Pitt looks ‘miserable’ with Bono at this U2 show.

In other news revolving U2 – fans took to social media to reflect on the group’s landmark album, Achtung Baby. One fan noted: “It’s hard to narrow down U2 or say this was better than that. I liked this album on the first hearing. It’s a little darker than some of the others. Hard plaintive, sad love songs. Someone wasn’t having a good day, week, or maybe even a year. It’s about as far away from Beautiful Day as you can get without hitting Bloody Sunday. Desire with an attitude.It offers the classics One, Mysterious Ways, the Fly and Until the End of the World. I can still remember: love is clockworks and cold steel. It got me through a hard one; won its place in my heart and Music all about heart. My next favorite is Rattle and Hum so there’s’ my reference, although the Best of 80-90 is really good. It’s a classic U2 album. My opinion and I could be wrong.” U2 singer Bono kisses David Bowie in recent leaked photo.