Slipknot Icon Stunned By Brutal Attack After Firing



Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn has been quite busy lately. First, he was fired after financial disputes, suing Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan in the process. This Slipknot member took a creepy backstage recent photo with this woman. Following that, he is replaced by the new bandmate known as Tortilla Man. Fehn defended the Tortilla Man in a new social media comment, saying he doesn’t hate him. Now, we can report that Fehn has been the subject of harassment on social media, via Instagram exchanges. However, one fan as shown here came to the defense of the now-former Slipknot member. Corey Taylor’s ‘ruthless’ video angered Slipknot fans.

s3douny: “Stop commenting about Slipknot let the man live his life in peace”

RealChrisfehn: @s3douny thank you

However, fans on the Slipknot subreddit had their own thoughts on the matter.

Spartan8080 made a very good point: “His photo is still of him in his Slipknot mask, he’s not exactly distancing himself”

littlebabynothing posted: “True, and the little number 3. Wonder why he hasn’t changed it, I know I would’ve.”

ihavename12742617000027 replied:

“He probably just doesn’t have a photo to change it too. I was only saying that because in my personal experience I’ve had trouble with getting the right photo. Maybe it could be a selfie, your kid, your dog, or your hobby. I was just saying he might have the same problem that I have experienced.”

abweiss1215: chimed in with: “Doesn’t he have a photo to change it? Yea, getting a new photo of yourself is extremely difficult.

WikiMBWe. Are. Kill. Gods. said: “Like getting a selfie needs so much effort (I got your sarcasm though)”

Retroman3139 stated: “Yeah, let’s maybe stop any attacks in the comments until we actually see the court case if that continues, if not then.”