AC/DC Remove Huge New Video After Stunning Leak


AC/DC appeared to remove a ‘Highway to Hell’ 40th anniversary trailer on YouTube after a premature leaked upload, members report. The band later posted a video, but it’s unclear if it’s the same as the removed one. AC/DC posted a surprise 2019 teaser video earlier this week.

Rikha posted on regarding huge rumors of an AC/DC tour announcement, “I think we’ve had many hints lately: Brian sick of denying it, rumors being spread by radio stations, stadium dates popping up, Susan Masino, Solo Dallas, Ken Schaffer, even the social media updates. Even if it’s not being confirmed by the official camp it’s quite obvious that something is about to happen.

It can’t be just a coincidence that all these rumors, all these people related to the band saying something will happen and the social media updates are happening at the same time. If not this month or the next couple of months, I’m very convinced that we’ll have an exciting announcement this year. These updates CLEARLY show that Sony wants to make sure that everybody knows the band is alive and kicking.”

900 added, “Given the band haven’t closed down, as far as we’re aware, it’s logical that money would be made from a 40 year thing for HTH. But alas that doesn’t necessarily correlate with anything new being on the horizon.

2020?….wow…can they still pull it off live? It’s a big ask.

I still hope to hear those new songs, regardless.”

A rumored 2020 AC/DC stadium show was recently revealed. Pedro Hodecker posted on, “The only factor that prevents AC/DC of making their biggest tour ever, is probably Brian. A gig takes too much from him, he needs to walk, run, scream and hear perfectly. We know some of these things aren’t as good as they should be. Everything depends on his voice and ears. Angus and the others can tour a long time, even Cliff.”