Van Halen Icon Claims David Lee Roth ‘Looks Like Woman’


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently cried laughing at a claim that a woman looks identical to David Lee Roth in the Hank Williams Jr. music video for “My Name is Bocephus.” Van Halen appeared in the video. Sammy Hagar just brutally ripped David Lee Roth’s Las Vegas concerts.

Johnnyprovo76 commented on social media, “Pretty sure I saw Bobcat Goldthwait in there. And at least one of those girls looked too much like DLR!!!” Hagar responded with a crying laughing emoji, “😂😂😂.” Kevkill5150 also commented, “The blonde chic in the video looks like DLR! LOL.”

Heisenberg posted on about David Lee Roth asking for setlist suggestions on social media, “Oh yeah that was another thing I wanted to post about….ADKOT 2012. WTF is the deal with ADKOT I have no idea. I myself cant even really honestly pick a tune that should be played live but at the same time almost feel blue about it not seemingly having a huge appetite of inclusion.

Stay Frosty….yes…..but really….more out of curiosity & the idea of performing something new & different. She’s The Woman & Chinatown- Totally played to death into the ground past 2 tours. Several other tunes…but do they take precedence above the older stuff.”

Van Squalen said, “It’s a nice thought. But there’s little chance Dave is gonna play Fools.”

Heisenberg responded, “Well- that’s the seemingly realistic response but the reason I posted is to suggest folks go ahead & make a comment there on the official FB….& if FOOLS pops up 100 times or more it might catch their attention….

It’s not entirely unrealistic…which is also why I posted Estrada’s EVH gear clip….he is playing the intro to FOOLS….long before being commissioned by David…..

Not only that…but think….the venue is HOUSE OF BLUES….is the intro & outro to FOOLS not blues….big time bad ass foot stomping boogie woogie blow your face off raise the roof mamas calling but cant hear you now getting down dirty funky Elvis shaking his Peanut Butter Banana Shaker from the grave raise the dead kick some ass….

It’s the diehard fans buying tickets & attending these upcoming 8 shows in March….Dave has asked what 3 songs do the fans want to hear….

All it takes is the fans to answer the question. Estrada can do it live & give it justice. Doubt his arm needs to be stretched. Vocally in Davids current wheelhouse. Why would it seem improbable to think they might do itat the fans request.

Did anyone think they’d hear Dirty Movies or In A Simple Ryme played live on the 2015 tour. How do you think they picked those tunes. Wolf posted a question on the net. It’s not out of the question & if not now when.” Eddie Van Halen was rumored to fire David Lee Roth a few months ago.