Vicky Cornell Trashes ‘Disgusting’ Chris Cornell Daughter Claim


Vicky Cornell called out her ‘committed stalkers’ on social media a couple of days ago, and she is now defending her daughter with Chris Cornell, 16-year old singer Toni Cornell.

Ava tweeted, “I agree. He would despise this. I don’t know anything about the 2009 tweet that was posted but I do believe, just my opinion, Chris would despise the craziness the MIL posts. She stokes the fire and fans the flames that incite the ‘stalkers.'”

Vicky responded, “He would despise you and all your friends who call his daughter illegitimate, and taunt her and now started with his son that he’s drinking from a wine glass – water for gods sake. It’s disgusting – it’s pathetic.”

Chris Cornell’s Twitter recently shared a quote from Toni Cornell, promoting the website Toni said, “Our mission is to see our dad’s legacy live on and to continue to positively impact lives.”

Fashion Killer responded, “Eerily similar to Lily Cornell Silver’s show. Maybe that can get a shout out as Lily came up with the idea first?”

Vicky then said, “I’m so sorry but this is not the same – Toni is helping launch an educational initiative across the country on addiction. The broadcast is all based on education on addiction and how to bring it into schools and communities. Thanks.”