What If Scott Weiland Was Alive?


With the untimely passing of the great Scott Weiland, many fans were left wondering – “What would it be like if Scott were still alive today?” While this question has anything but just one answer, there are some things that we could assume could happen if the late singer were still here today…

During the final year of his life, Scott Weiland was with his group, ‘Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts,’ where he was not only writing a good portion of the music, but was, of course, the frontman that we all knew and loved.

In this alternate reality, we see Scott Weiland finish out one more tour with the Wildabouts, before ultimately sparking a reunion tour with Stone Temple Pilots. The band would form together and put out some extra rarities and exclusive songs before anything truly happened.

Fast forward even more and the band would start touring again, but a rather light tour to see if the interest is still there from the audience. The band would play some festivals here and there and eventually, take a short break. This, fans would think is the end for the band, but it’s not. Secretly, behind the scenes, the band are working on an EP together, pooling all of their creativity that they learned not just within the four walls of ‘Stone Temple Pilots,’ but from what they learned solo as well.

Enter 2024, the 30th anniversary of their hit album ‘Purple’. The band would tour out the album again and right after the tour was over, they would release the EP. Now, fans have heard one or two songs from this new EP while the ‘Purple’ tour was happening, but the band never gave too much away.

The album drops and it’s even better than the ‘No 4’ album. It’s almost like the band threw together Scott’s solo work and wove in every classic lick of ‘Purple’ to create an album that stands up in their top three.

While all of this is nothing more than ideation – one can only dream of this reality…