AC/DC Family Break Silence On 2020 Reunion Tour


AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams’ daughter Erin has reacted to rumors that AC/DC will reunite with her father, Brian Johnson, and Phill Rudd rejoining the band for a new album and tour in 2020. AC/DC revealed that their record label rejected a surprising offer in a post just a few days ago.

Erin posted a photo of herself wearing an AC/DC shirt, and a fan named Connor commented, “Getting that AC/DC shirt ready for the 2020 tour.” Erin liked the comment.

pedroleitehodecker responded, “@connor_cook_98 when you like some comment and accidentally confirm an AC/DC tour.” Erin then said, “@pedroleitehodecker your guess is as good as mine.”

An AC/DC member revealed when he plans on retiring a couple of weeks ago. Cannon speculated on, “With speculation and ideas that a new release could be planned in conjunction with/between the H2H celebration and acticipated BiB celebration….sadly we have another ’40th anniversary’ right in there upon us as well…the passing of Bon. Thats BIG

If it’s been thrown out there already, apologies, but COULD something be in the works to go in conjunction with the album celebrations along with Malcolm Young/Bon Scott tributes? I could imagine some kind of commemorative set coming out, celebrating the lives/careers of Bon/Mal, along with at least ‘a few’ newbies that maybe came from Vancouver. Tour/shows to follow …. maybe…..or maybe not.”

Geordie_boot_boy responded, “Getting a show on the road like AC/DC is a huge undertaking. They will say when ready and not before. Why? Imagine if they had spoke of an album and tour and something cropped up then they couldn’t exactly hold to that timetable…!? It is called making a rod for your own back.

No one advising the band is going to say make an early announcement so your under pressure to deliver the goods. The H2H40 is a celebration without creating **for the masses** an expectation of anything else but helps get them back in people’s consciousness again.

If the stars align > great. If not and the plug is pulled well no harm done…”