Chester Bennington’s Relative Reveals If Mike Shinoda Feud Is About Money


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s brother-in-law John Knehr recently slammed Mike Shinoda on Twitter, and he is now clarifying that their issues have nothing to do with money or royalties. Knehr’s wife (and Chester’s sister) Tobi recently criticized Shinoda as ‘insincere,’ and later said she stood by her comments ‘100%.’ Chester’s mother Susan and ex-wife Samantha said they supported her statements. Knehr recently ripped Shinoda for doing ‘karaoke’ solo shows and said that Linkin Park should instead find a new singer who can honor Chester.

A fan tweeted to Knehr, “Now i get it. Mike doing solo stuff means no royalties cause it’s mike on his own. Yet if lp toured or did anything with a new singer chester aka family would still get royalties hence why sam is after a cut of chesters merch and royalties. Yet talinda is there supporting mike.”

Knehr responded, “Dian, Ah you don’t get it!!!!! Tobi sees no royalties from anything her Brother did… EVER!!!! what is important to us is Talinda and all the kids. T has many many years ahead that money whatever it is needs to last! That’s none of our business nor yours! NGJ.”

Another fan tweeted Knehr, “Funny when the B.I.L can use CB’s name to further his musical career but if Mike does it, he’s in it for the money🤔. Also, if they did hire a new lead singer NO ONE CAN REPLACE CHESTER! But the ‘family; can try and get some money off of the royalties. SMFH. It’s all about money.”

Knehr responded, “👎 No one on our side see a dime of royalties!!! That’s what you think I feel sorry for you!!! NGJ.”

Mike Shinoda has yet to respond to any of the comments from Chester’s relatives.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    lmao the Linkin Farce lollercopter continues to fly very, very high.

    It amazes me how these rockers who off themselves apparently leave ZILCH to their families, which is the reason for all these cash-grab album rehashes, hologram tours, find-a-singer replacements, etc.

    “How’s Chester’s wife supposed to support herself now??!”

    Maybe go out and find a fucking job like every other person, that’s how. The gravy train has officially pulled out of the station and you’re on your own now, just like the rest of us..

    • mypat623

      Vicky Cornell should heed your advise. That woman has pulled so many cash grabs out of her backside in the past 19 months, I can’t keep up with all of the lame money makers. But, I guess money making schemes IS her work. People are still waiting for their pre-paid Super Duper Deluxe Box Set of Chris Cornell’s Artist Legacy Retrospective. Censored of course. Songs that are too dark and depressing were left out as to not hurt anyone. What a joke. Those songs were some of his/SG best. I wonder if at the Chris Cornell Tribute show in January, the bands will be permitted to play any of the “darker” songs? When some tickets were priced at nearly $9,000, his best songs should be played regardless of context. These go on the “Lame List”. Lame!

      • Cunt Fuckula

        lol that’s because they’re saving the super-dark stuff for the 10th anniversary Super Duper Looper Ultra Fan “I remember what drive-thru I was sitting in when news of his death was announced on the radio” collector’s box set in 2027.

        Hilarious how 9/10ths of the “unreleased material” from this year’s retrospective was just a bunch of live shit any real fan had long ripped off YouTube or BitTorrent, lmao..

  • Murry

    I care even less about what the brother-in-law says than I did about what the sister says. This is much ado about nothing, it seems. Mike is out there lifting fans up and making people happy and making Chester proud. These bitter relatives need to take several seats.

    • Dylan Pictor

      I think they need to take an IOU

  • Nathan Asher

    I just want them to stop smh.

  • I can’t speak on Mikes personality because I never knew him nor Chester. Maybe there was some kind of rivalry there. But I think both Chester and Mike knew that it’s just as much of Mikes music as it was Chester’s. They need to calm down and let Chester’s name be.