Eddie Van Halen Heartbreaking Text Message Revealed


Eddie’s ex-wife is actress Valerie Bertinelli, and her brother David has revealed a text message that Eddie sent just a few days ago.

David Bertinelli said, “I spoke to Ed less than 2 weeks ago and he sounded good; the same as I have known for over 30 years. He also sent me a text Thursday thanking my son for the Thank You picture he had drawn for a guitar Ed donated to the school.”

Valerie Bertinelli allegedly visiting Eddie Van Halen was detailed a few days ago. jmorton posted on VHLinks.com’s forums, “My brother currently has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Horrible, awful disease that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I’m going to be a donor for him so he can hopefully kick it but even then there’s no guarantee.

It is worrying, for Ed, (if this is true) that the disease is THIS persistent and your body’s immune system can only fight the cancer incursions so much before it gets overwhelmed. It’s a tribute to Ed that he’s survived this well for so long but that might not always be the case. Hopefully they can get it licked.

Wish him the best. Lets not try to make Dave the devil here. If he was saying something that Ed and Al don’t agree with or are protesting over they have no trouble releasing a statement. Remember how quickly Irving Azoff rebutted Dave on the “touring Europe” thing in 2013.

Keeping good thoughts for Ed.”

An Eddie Van Halen medical treatment video posted by his family surfaced recently. ArtyBoy said, “This would show how far David Lee Roth is out of the loop. I’m sure he’s had no idea. Also makes sense why they’ve left everyone hanging. THEY’RE hanging! Maybe Eddie would love to do more, but he’s got no idea where his health will be at any moment so he can’t say, ‘Farewell tour,’ or, ‘See you next year.'”

bklynboy68 said, “Sounds like Eddie’s being treated for Barrett’s Esophagus. Morrissey was diagnosed with this in 2015 and has to have cancer cells scraped from time to time. He’s a vocalist so it would be more obvious if it was doing any damage. He’s been well and tours consistently.

I highly doubt Dave would say anything to callously diminish any suffering Ed was going through. ‘Not my story to tell’ means he’s not going to put Ed’s business out on the street. That’s assuming Dave knows the specifics of what’s going on.”