Eddie Van Halen Alleged Medical Treatment Video Revealed


Eddie Van Halen and his health has been the subject of rampant speculation recently, and a video has recently been uploaded to his dog Kody Van Halen’s page showing some sort of medical device in the background. It’s unclear if it’s a standard device or if someone else could be using it (even the dog), but fans have pointed it out on the VHLinks.com board. Kody wrote, “Someone likes his new toy hahahaha. #goodmorning #chirpchirp.” SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk recently made an Eddie Van Halen ‘medical treatment’ claim.

Fans on VHLinks.com discussed the video, along with David Lee Roth’s recent comments about Eddie. Swedish Fly posted, “Janie [Eddie’s wife] is still active on social media. Wouldn’t she take a break from dancing and social media, and be by her husband’s side, if Ed was terminal?

After seeing the medical equipment on Kody’s Facebook page and hearing Luke’s comments, I now believe Eddie has some health issues. However, I refuse to believe that it’s life threatening. Dave seems bitter about Eddie and the band ‘not answering the bell’ and himself ‘waiting for the guitar player.’ Would he really say such things if Eddie’s life was in danger? If Eddie was in fact dying, Dave would have no reason to be bitter over the band’s inactivity.

The only thing I want right now, is to know if Eddie’s okay. A recent pic, a statement, anything… Just something to tell us everything’s fine!”

An Eddie Van Halen restaurant bar photo was recently leaked to a big name. snowdog posted, “I just can’t imagine Dave saying how tired he is of waiting on Ed if he knew Ed was terminal in a hospital room or something. I also can’t imagine him saying ‘I’m the new face of VH going forward!’ as Eddie struggles for life. That just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t care how difficult Dave and Eddie’s relationship is, I would never believe Dave is that low to plan a bunch of shows in Vegas a few months out highlighting VH’s music while there’s the prospect of an announcement of Ed’s death or terminal illness in the near future. ‘Hey, Ed just died but come on out and see me playing his songs in Vegas, now VH is just about me, baby!!’ No way.” Eddie Van Halen’s family recently leaked a ‘recluse’ photo.