Gene Simmons ‘Loses Weight’ In Stunning New Photo


Gene Simmons had a tasty meal! Ooh, pancakes are falling! [Onto Gene Simmons‘ plate] The legendary KISS bassist took to social media via Twitter to showcase this delightful protein-fueled and KISS inspired which his wife thoughtfully made him recently, as he gains muscle and loses weight, continuing to look even more fantastic. The Demon wrote on Twitter: “My lovely Wifey just made me a Kodiak Power Cake protein pancake, while I was devouring the Taschen Books STAN LEE STORY. Wow!” You can take a look below. KISS icon Gene Simmons drops original lineup reunion bombshell.

In other Gene Simmons related news, fans over at the fan forum recently reacted to ‘The Demon’s’ recent appearance on the hit MTV show Ridiculousness.

Gene Simmons announces new singer on KISS 2020 tour. Elleneff wrote: “Well he is a salesman, who acts and performs. That’s what he does, and to his credit, it does it well.  For the money, he will make you feel like the most important person to him. Not to be knocked. He is and can be a very kind decent man away from his persona.”

The user later added: “He does seem to have lost a little weight, and he’s not doing the sunglasses thing. All the better and he came across very well here. Fair dues. Its almost like he realized that the obnoxious rock star persona schtick won’t work on this show with this crowd. He should do that more.”

Whereas C said: “I agree with all the comments here, he looks way better with no sunglasses and seems like longer hair, reminds me so much of the 1990 HITS Tour interviews but wearing revenge-like leather, pretty cool and even more cooler since he is in great shape for being seventy.”  Gene Simmons revealed if Paul Stanley is ‘past his prime’ not too long ago.