Gene Simmons Wife Leaks Creepy Video To Daughter


Gene Simmons’ wife wants a weird gift, and she sent a video to her daughter with the request! Mrs. Shannon Tweed Simmons, the legendary and beautiful wife of iconic KISS frontman Gene Simmons seems to be getting her Christmas (or Hanukkah?) shopping done a bit early as she took to social media via Twitter to tweet out a bizarre video to say the least to her daughter, Sophie and her son, Nick. No, it is not anything KISS themed, but rather far more out there.

As originally posted by NowThis, the item is actually a phone case that actually looks and simulates a human foot. According to the video, the phone case reacts to pokes, pinches and tickling and is supposed to feel as well as mimic human skin. Shannon tweeted, “@nicktsimmons @SophieTSimmons One of you needs to get me this for Christmas. Honestly though,doesn’t look like the bottom is somebody’s foot?!” Sophie responded, “NOPE.”  Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this horrible drug photo recently.

KISS fans discussed W.O.W. the lost KISS album in a recent topic.

Planet Caravan discussed: “It is almost a lost Kiss album for sure. If the multitracks remain from the COTN and LIU era, I guarantee some of these WOW songs would have been recorded as Kiss versions. The version of Its My LIfe on WOW is basically KISS with Wendy singing instead of Gene. I always found Ace playing on Bump & Grind to be quite odd. I’ve always wondered if that was Gene throwing Ace a bone to see if he was interested in coming back into the band after Vinnie left.

Sophie Simmons looks like a man in this new photo. UltraCynic said: “Love this album. On a par with the previous Coup D’État album which was a stunning work. Definitely the best KISS album between LIU and Revenge by a very long stretch. Her versions of ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘Thief In The Night’ simply obliterate the half-hearted KISS efforts.

The rumor persists that this was a collection of KISS/Gene demos which merely added Wendy’s gravelly growl. The song ‘Ready to Rock’ seems to bear this theory out. It begins with a guitar cacophony conjured by Paul Stanley and gives way to a drum figure used by Eric to kick off his solo on the LIU tour even though he isn’t credited on the song. Finally it features an Ace solo when he had long been out of the KISS picture.”

TakeMeAway wrote: “Much of it is Definitely a sum of parts from the Creatures and pre Creatures writing thus the appearance of ace vinnie Eric and Paul. Listen to Legends Never Die (the Vault) And like it’s My Life they’re the Existing Kiss tracks with just the vox replaced. I doubt that Paul ace vinnie or Eric dropped in specifically to record a part. I do love the song Thiwf in the Night both versions actually but I’d love to have heard Gene’s vocal on the original recording when the arrangement was from WOW.” Gene Simmons daughter was filmed falling asleep in bed recently.