Ozzy Osbourne Son Wants To ‘Punch’ A-List Star In Face


Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack Osbourne wanted to playfully punch his A-list sister, Kelly Osbourne in the face! The comment was made after Kelly took to social media via Instagram to post this photo of her looking simply ravishing after just getting her hair and makeup done. Talk about sibling rivalry! Jack Osbourne responded during the post. This Ozzy Osbourne fat gut was revealed recently in a sad photo.

Kelly said, “Thank you @milesjeffrieshair and @kipzachary for giving me that #Hunty feeling this fine mornin!!! 💜💜💜💜 #snatched.”

Jack sarcastically commented, “There’s Something about your face makes me wanna punch it.”

Don’t worry Jack, we think you are incredibly handsome as well.

Ozzy Osbourne fans discussed their favorite Black Sabbath albums of all time in a recent topic on the SteveHoffman forums.

BryanA-HTX replied: “Paranoid, with Sabotage close behind. Anything up to and including Mob Rules I could just put on and jam to no matter what mood I’m in.

Dio-fronted, I never considered it much of an “era” since it’s just two albums (I guess three with Dehumanizer but I didn’t care for it), which I prefer Heaven and Hell. Mob Rules, as I said above, is still really good.

Shout out to Tyr with Tony Martin. Bought the cassette just for the heck of it (it was 50 cents) and really enjoyed it.”

Bcaulf chimed in with: “Hard to pick between the first six but Vol. 4 is my favorite by a hair. kick-ass album that sounds terrible but that terrible sound gives it charm, and overall great songs. The best collection of songs they wrote, in my opinion. Technical Ecstasy is underrated. And I love Heaven And Hell. Different band at that point but doesn’t matter; they were still incredible. The riffs, the power, and that voice.”

This Ozzy Osbourne bad haircut photo was just revealed. Tim1954 wrote: “I like all eras of Sabbath, but Born Again’s continued appeal is a little bizarre to me. It’s gotten a few mentions as favorite Sabbath album? Really!?

I guess it still reaches the more underground eighties metal crowd? Some people treat it almost like it needs a “cult following” but wasn’t it like a Top 5 album in the UK when released? I know it didn’t do as good here and I guess over the years it is has become this sort of oddball in the catalog, but I only care how good it is. By Sabbath standards, I find it a great commitment to be heavy and uncompromising, but the songs were such a step down from the Dio-era, IMO. The melodic depth they had built with Ozzy and then reestablished in a new approach with Dio just wasn’t there. Gillan screams too much, talk-sings too much, and doesn’t really get the Sabbath vibe, lyrically. “Hotline”? “Trashed?” Get real.

I’d rather listen to Paranoid for the 70 thousandth time than hear Born Again more than maybe once a year.” Ozzy Osbourne unloaded on threat to a child in this video.