Jimmy Page ‘Rejects’ Stunning Led Zeppelin Replacement


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed John Bonham’s drums being rejected at an airport when the band arrived in Perth, Australia in a new social media post. Robert Plant being ‘banned’ from playing with Jimmy Page was just detailed.

“On this day in 1972, @ledzeppelin arrived in Perth to begin an Australian tour, arriving from Bombay. ⠀

The customs decided to give us a lengthy examination and ended up confiscating four miniature drums that we had bought in India on the grounds of uncured animal skin – I guess they considered that a result!”

Lzprcs recently posted one of John Bonham’s greatest performances on the Led Zeppelin Reddit, “Los Angeles 6/21/77 (Listen To This Eddie) – This is an absolutely mental performance from everyone, but Bonzo to me is the star of it. He pounds his kit like I’ve never heard him do it before. On TSRTS he pulls off absolutely insane fills that I’ve never heard him do elsewhere. And on No Quarter… wow! Page and him get into a duel during the jam part and he beats Page, who has an excellent show himself, by quite a bit. He blows everyone away throughout this concert. Some songs are all him too.

For example, Achilles Last Stand contains some frantic drumming from Bonzo and everyone is just trying to keep up with him for all nine minutes. It’s one of the best ones ever in my opinion simply because of how they race and try to keep up with Bonzo. It’s my all time favorite LZ concert as well.

If you are a drumming fan, this is a must hear. Even on some songs where Bonzo kinda drifts in the background, he’s killing it. Just look at Nobody’s Fault but Mine and Heartbreaker, Bonham is destroying his kit in the background when he generally just sorta provides a backbone during them. This is probably his best concert ever.” Howard Stern recently leaked an ’embarrassing’ Jimmy Page bedroom claim.