Neil Peart Heartbreaking Rumored Funeral Revealed


Fans of Rush and the late Neil Peart recently took to social media via prominent Rush message board TheRushForum to speculate plans regarding the recently deceased drummer’s funeral. LondonGuy wrote: ” I would assume Neil would’ve chose cremation over burial. It would be nice to see half of his ashes buried with his first family at Mount Pleasant in Toronto and the other half with his current family. There should be some kind of announcement soon of funeral plans.” Rush fan reveals Neil Peart ‘angry’ sickness rant.

While J2112YYZ alleged that the funeral already happened: “They already had the funeral I believe. He died on January 7th but it wasn’t announced publicly until the 10th. That left enough time between his death and the announcement for them to have a private ceremony without any fanfare.”

John Lennon’s son makes Neil Peart ‘teen boy’ claim. UpstateNYfan replied: “I’m speculating but feel confident in thinking that if there was a funeral or memorial it was very private, and for his innermost circle. I’m sure the delay in reporting was very purposeful. His spokesman is well regarded in managing PR. Also, Neil seems like the type who would have lived as much as he could when he could, including being with friends while here. Surely those he wanted to know knew. I’ll miss him dearly.”

While CowboyErik speculated: “Hard to say what’s happening with funeral or memorial arrangements, it’s possible it’s already happened, and it’s possible nothing has happened, seems to be no news either way, would he not want to be buried where his 1st wife and child are buried?”

Fans over at TheRushForum recently took to the forum to react to the news of the passing of Peart in other recent news regarding Rush and Neil Peart. One forum member said: “Rest In Peace, my reluctant friend. I know that your relationship with instant fanatic friends was always something that you never wanted to thrust upon you, but I always liked your words and thought that I could have brought a little joy to your life had we had the chance. It would have been the least I could do since you have brought me so much joy that I could never repay. Thank you for having the courage to be your unique self under the weight of the demands of people who only ever got to know you through your art. These things, your things, will live for a very long time. Thank you for leaving them here for us to enjoy. My best wishes are with the family you leave behind.” Neil Peart’s daughter breaks silence on Rush drummer.