KISS Member Unloads On ‘Hating’ Paul Stanley


KISS great, Vinnie Vincent, who was a member of the ‘hottest band in the land’ from 1982-1984 was a guest on the ‘Rock and Roll Experience’ with Mike Brunn recently. Vincent discussed a variety of topics, including What famous female singer did Vinnie audition for just prior to starting to write with KISS?, Which songs did Vinnie play on the Creatures of the Night album?, Where were Vinnie and Gene when they wrote I Love It Loud? and so much more. You can view that full interview below. Paul Stanley unloads on final KISS tour backlash.

Over on the KISSFaq fan forum, fans reacted to the interview, including one member named Doose who had a lot to say regarding the conversation: “Hats off to Mike for a great interview and filling in a lot of holes from the pre-KISS songwriting year through the end of the Creatures tour in Brazil.”

Paul Stanley ‘backing out’ of KISS retirement claim leaks. The user continued: “Interesting to hear that he auditioned for Cher, how he met Adam Mitchell, how Adam introduced him to KISS, how Vinnie “hated” (strong words) KISS, their music, their singer and their guitarist prior to writing and playing with them, how Paul never liked Vinnie from the start nor wanted him in the band (even when he was in the band), that he doesn’t take credit for the end of “Black Diamond” which went from just single notes to a Beck’s Bolero-type ending, that Vinnie told Adam Mitchell it would be “easy” to write a KISS song when Adam talked about introducing them.”

In other news regarding Vinnie Vincent era KISS, fans recently took to social media to reflect on one of Vincent’s biggest contributions to the group in 1982’s ‘Creatures of the Night’ album. One fan writing: ” Start off by saying I am not in the KISS army, not a die-hard and no allegiances to Peter Criss or Ace, been to several concerts and a huge fan of great hard rock music…and this fits the bill. I love KISS and Love Gun and Destroyer are favorites. Creatures of THe Night rocks and in my opinion, this is the album they should have put out after Love Gun. Creatures has it all. Sing-along anthems like I Love It Loud, air guitar classics like Killer, and War Machine is a dead ringer for God Of Thunder part II. Oh yeah, one complaint…it’s too short, only nine songs. It Keeps Me Coming!”

Paul Stanley KISS ‘fraud’ finally confirmed, is he done? While another said: “This is a blazing gunslinging guitar CD with a really good drum sound and the best bass guitar in music. Highlights are several and include the title track, Keep me Comin, Rock and Roll Hell and I Love it Loud. My favorite song on the album is War Machine and after seeing Kiss live it always conjures up images of hydrogen bombs were detonated.”