Pearl Jam Finally Announce Comeback Album


Pearl Jam are currently recording a new album, with official confirmation finally coming in the form of a new studio photo. Pearl Jam last released Lightning Bolt in October 2013, with the new album expected to be released in 2020. A Pearl Jam member being ‘insulted’ at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was revealed earlier this week.

otisserie also posted the first review of the in the works album, “Got a little taste of the New Pearl Jam Album they are making in their own studio yesterday, And it’s gonna Be Rad! Never A band to Stagnate, they venture into Past/New realms of their collective youth on the new Record. Here Jeff Ament Poses For A ‘1 Photo And 1 Photo Only’ Portrait with his JA Model Bass By @mikelullcustomguitars including a @curtis_novak_pickups at Pearl Jam HQ in Seattle, WA. ©️2019 Photo By O. @pearljam #pearljam #jeffament #ssdecontrol.”

Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher took a brutal shot at Eddie Vedder a couple of days ago. With news of a new Pearl Jam album, fans on Reddit reflected on the band’s 2006 self-titled album. Odbody_AS2 posted, “I’m an old-timer (roughly same age as band members) so I’m usually biased to the early records, but I’ve been hitting this album hard lately. Bloody hell it’s so good. Had it been created during the band’s peak popularity I think it would’ve been a critical/popular all-timer… and amongst ‘best ever’ lists.”

philthehippy responded, “My favourite PJ album by far. When I say it brought me back from the abyss, I truly mean it. Songs like Come Back helped me to finally grieve for my father who had died 6 years earlier and Inside Job let me finally accept I was broken and just to get on with it.

Marker in the Sand and Gone, my word they gave me some life perspective, Life Wasted was another that lifted me out of cold unfeeling. Yeah, I don’t know where I’d be had the band not put this album out.” A rumored Pearl Jam summer 2020 tour was revealed a week ago.

  • Joe Girolamo

    thank u pj for saving my life 10x, now going to be 11….your new music is coming just in time, trust me. i need it now more than ever. mom is battling for her life, and nothing in this world helps, except your music ❤
    on the other side, if someone asked me to pick my fave pj album, ever, would be like asking, which kid is your fave (if i had kids) but u get the idea ! if i had to pick one and only one, to listen to for the rest of my life…would have to be 2006 eponymous avocado album…from the first note of life wasted to the final note of inside job, and everything in between, its the most incredible album ever made, taking nothing from any other pj album….pj u speak to my heart, soul & mind, always, esp at this incredibly difficult time in moms life, and all her loved ones…pj, u continue to keep me on this earth, teaching me how to survive with every note & lyric…much love & peace ❤

  • Charles Parr

    Funny… all I see is something about a JA solo track. Hmm…

  • Luis Rea

    A solo picture of Jeff, caption about a solo Jeff track is now a confirmation for a new album?
    ♪ Mama… Just clicked a bait ♪

  • Chet Stirston

    The new album should be called rad and include a cover of send me an angel