Slipknot Member Cries After Terrible Firing Rumor


Slipknot member Sid Wilson has reacted to a rumor that he has been ‘kicked out’ of the band, like Chris Fehn appeared to be earlier this year. Wilson literally cried laughing in response to the rumor. Corey Taylor recently revealed why he broke up with his wife.

Sid first wrote, “@adidasy3 got me lookin fresh, i get caught in moving parts on the stage sometimes among other metal parts up there and they take a good beating! Nothing withstands The Knot or @sidthe3rd but my @adidas stand the test of time with @slipknot #SID #djstarscream #0 #slipknot #wanyk @knotfestroadshow.”

themadscientist0917 commented, “Thought they kicked Sid out of th band?” Sid responded, “@themadscientist0917 😂😂😂😂😂.”

A Slipknot member recently told a gross Paul Stanley story. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was asked in a new interview about releasing a new album at the same time Slipknot and Tool are having huge success with their new releases.

“It’s good to be in good company. You know, Slipknot’s doing really good. I’ve been watching those guys since they were just little fucking kids beating the fuck out of each other on stage. I remember when [producer] Ross Robinson told me, ‘Dude, I found this crazy band from Iowa. You’ve gotta see this. They are crazy insane and wear masks.’

And he was so excited. And to see what they’ve blossomed into is amazing. And then fuck, everyone’s been waiting for a Tool record for how long? They’re an amazing band. It just feels really good to see, you know? It feels like a camaraderie of bands. One band being successful helps all of us because we’re becoming a dying breed.” A Slipknot member revealed a crazy System of a Down secret earlier this week.

“I feel like since the music industry took a turn that there’s no more labels willing to spend money to help rock artists be bigger than life. It’s just straight to hip-hop and R&B and stuff. It’s awesome to see that bands like us are still out there doing this and we’re flying the flag for rock and roll. There’s still people who want to come see that and enjoy that.” You can read the full interview at Maniacs.