Steven Tyler Disturbing Claim Revealed By Female TV Host


Acclaimed Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was recently the target of black YouTube content creator Nicole, over at Nicole’s View who stated the following: “If you’re livid about R. Kelly and haven’t researched the background of musical rock star Steven Tyler from (Aerosmith) or Jason Pope AKA “DJ Kid”, I refuse to take you seriously & you’re only apart of the fake blue tricks lynchmob crowd. I don’t play selective outrage over here.Steven Tyler ‘stealing’ from Aerosmith bandmate revealed.

Steven Tyler makes a young woman cry in a photo. The content creator made these remarks on social media via Twitter. In other Aerosmith and Steven Tyler news, fans recently took to the Aerosmith subreddit to revisit their favorite bootleg concert performance by the band. Reddit user TcBrianw kicked things off by asking: “So what is your favorite Aerosmith boot? Mine is the Michigan Palace in 1974 during the Get Your-wings tour. I remember buying the real to reel tape many years ago from some guy off an ad somewhere. It wasn’t a complete show but I finally found that on traders den. It’s like the best hard rock performance from a young hungry band I’ve ever heard. I’ve seen Aerosmith several times in concert but nothing like this. I just thought I’d ask as I’ve always been a big fan of Aerosmith.”

Aerosmith reveal why Steven Tyler ‘replaced’ bandmate. Another Reddit user responded: “The show at Mama Kin in 1994. Quality is amazing and it gives the 70s stuff an updated sound. It’s how I grew familiar with the seventies songs. I think it’s a real shame the shows from 1995 and 1998 aren’t out there in the same quality.”

  • Nicholas Novaco

    Firstly, a YouTube Creator and a TV host are different things. Second, the YouTube creater in question didn’t claim anything. And if she did, you didn’t deign to quote it in this “article.” This is just another pile of garbage. Learn to put together a cogent thought. Fuck alternative nation, fuck their “writers” and fuck their advertisers.

  • boycotting

    Back off

  • Rob Billeaud

    Once again from Alternative Nation, a spurious claim with no supporting evidence. You call this journalism? Some YouTube creator says something and you believe it and promote it as if it’s real. Oh, wait. I’m going to say something here and we’ll see if prints it as fact next week: Dee Snyder was once a drag queen who turned to prostitution on the side.